Environments for Aging | Healthcare

We specialize in custom interior features, graphics and signage that enhance spaces and add a level of detail to the designed environment.

D|Fab has a variety of decorative solutions to enhance EFA and Healthcare interiors with custom components. Our team is experienced in working with designers to bring their ideas to life – by providing appropriate material recommendations and proven engineered options to make choices simple.

Architectural Alternatives: Decorative ceiling clouds, curved soffits, trellises and beams can all be achieved with components that are built off site, like D|Fab’s CoreLite,  making it easy to design custom building features that enhance common spaces, lobbies and dining rooms. Our lightweight, modular alternatives are factory-built in a variety of shapes and sizes with durable surfaces, including washable vinyl graphics and laminates.  We manufacture with precision joinery for a seamless result that can incorporate lighting and other building systems. 

Printed Wallcoverings & Textural Wall Cladding:  D|Fab prints wallcovering on commercial grade vinyl wallcovering that is durable and washable. Many textures are available and any high resolution imagery can be printed to add a unique touch to interior spaces.  D|Clad is a dimensional panel we manufacture to create visual and tactile texture on vertical surfaces. Customized shapes, sizes and finishes are available to enhance any interior and can be a cost-effective method to replicate building materials such as stone, wood or brick.

Wayfinding Signage & Graphics: Don’t settle for standard wayfinding signage from a catalog for your facility. D|Fab fabricates customized wayfinding to reflect the design of an individual facility, including color, graphic representation and materials, to blend with the interior design of the space.

Decorative Lighting: D|Fab produces decorative and focal lighting elements for interiors using printed graphics and light transmitting materials. LED lighting provides an energy efficient solution and evenly illuminates custom graphic drum lights or acrylic backlit design elements. 

Partitions & Screens: Whether freestanding, floor or wall mounted, D|Fab has many engineered methods and materials to make custom partitions to delineate space, provide sound blocking and enhance the built environment with custom designed elements.

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