DFab is dedicated to sustainability in the way we design, fabricate, and conduct our operational processes. Our goals are to reduce Dfab’s and our Dfab clients’ environmental impacts by providing straightforward strategies for informed, sustainable store designs, signage, décor products, and installation services.

Sustainable Design Solutions

  • Create spaces that incorporate sustainable material & finishes and energy efficiency, such as:
    • No or low VOC paint specifications
    • Flooring, tile, laminate and other specifications that incorporate recycled content, recyclable or renewable materials
    • Low voltage, energy efficient LED lighting
  • On-staff LEED AP assist Dfab’s clients achieve their sustainable design goals.
  • Communicating our client’s green initiatives to their customers through eco-friendly graphics

Sustainable Materials & Fabrication 

  • Dfab is continually working to reduce our use of non-renewable resources and minimize the environmental impact by finding and testing green alternatives for the following materials:
  • Substrate alternatives that use recycled content or are 100% recyclable, like paper board sheets, recyclable resins and metals
  • Substrates, adhesives, paints and printing inks that do not contain volatile compounds like VOC’s and formaldehyde
  • Energy efficient LED lighting components for illuminated décor like backlit and LED neon graphics
  • Dfab uses manufacturing techniques and prepress layout processes that optimize material yields
  • Proper disposal of waste products such as paints and inks

Installation & Fulfillment

  • Dfab has initiatives to reduce the impact of packaging, emissions and fossil fuel use, and improving job site air-quality through practices addressing:
  • Shipping is scheduled to maximize full backhaul opportunities an bulk shipments to Dfab. Shipping is routed to efficiently deliver to reduce cost, fuel and emissions.
  • Packaging for minimal use of materials, including the use of an automated box maker that minimizes cardboard waste
  • Installation methods and use of Low or No VOC Adhesives


Dfab has a robust recycling program that diverts all recyclable industrial and office waste from landfills.  Dfab employees have been educated in proper recycling habits and designated recycle areas ensure easy access to receptacles. Dfab works with a reputable, local recyclers to handle the various materials.

  • Paper, plastic, foam, PVC, metal & cardboard recycling throughout the office and plant
  • All cardboard is baled on site
  • Computer equipment, batteries, and cell phone recycling
  • Wood pallets are recycled for use in packaging
  • Outdated materials are sent to local non-profit Art & Scraps, who uses recycled industrial scraps to help people of all ages and abilities, think learn and create
  • Donations of unused materials to Habitat for Humanity (for repurposing in residential buildings)

Building Systems

  • Dfab maximizes the use of daylight and energy efficient lighting systems throughout the facility, including skylights, LED lighting and switching off lights when rooms are not in use
  • HVAC is handled with programmable thermostats and air quality is constantly monitored for VOC levels. The manufacturing area has properly ventilated spaces and forklifts are not permitted to idle.

Ready to Commit to Sustainable Solutions?

Let’s collaborate! We love working with forward-thinking brands! Our commitment to fostering retail sustainability is unwavering and evident and we’re bringing  what we know:

  • Ongoing Research: We diligently research alternative materials, collaborate with suppliers, and educate our clients on the latest solutions.
  • Proven Craftsmanship: With over half a century of experience, we specialize in manufacturing with reclaimed, recycled, and upcycled materials- we creatively envision that second life.
  • Forward Thinking: Through innovative thinking and design, we’ve helped develop projects that have a good foundation to build upon.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Our extensive roster of new equipment allows us to innovate throughout the manufacturing process, optimizing material usage and improving sustainability from production to installation.
  • Industry Involvement: We actively engage with industry leaders and renowned designers through associations like Shop! and IRDC, enabling us to anticipate and embrace ethical and sustainable practices within the industry.

If you’re ready to be at the forefront of industry change….

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